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Semente Cultural Productions and Fasching joined their forces in order to open a bridge between Stockholm and Kyiv in the name of Jazz and Art.

We are glad to announce you that Fasching Jazz Club in Stockholm made the final bid of € 1000 to support 32JazzClub / Old Fashioned Bar in Kyiv.

The beautiful painting, made by Jenny Svenberg Bunnel, found its home in the perfect place, the temple of Jazz in Stockholm whose walls are used to host photo and art exhibitions.

The bridge between Stockholm and Kyiv has been open in the name of Jazz and Art.

We couldn't wish a better end for this auction!


Starting price: € 500


08/03 22.59 €1.000

08/03 22.47  € 650

08/03 19.58  € 600

15/02  22:13  € 500 

Semente Cultural Productions commissioned the artist Jenny Svenberg Bunnel a painting to be pictured on this year’s Stockholm Women’s International Jazz Festival official poster. An original piece of art, a acrylic on wood, 125cm x 125cm, entitled “Peace”, that we decided to put to auction, in order to collect money in support of Ukrainian cultural life. Fasching Jazz Club, venue of the festival and partner, joined us in supporting and promoting this initiative. Under the supervision of Ukrainian Institute in Kyiv, we agreed to support a small and virtuose Jazz Club in the heart of Kyiv, 32Jazz Club, that has always been open since the beginning of the war, in order to give both local artists and audience the opportunity to keep alive the cultural life in the capital of Ukraine.

On their website you can read this words:

Despite all of the recent events, 32Jazz Club team decided to resume work - not only to support the morale of our visitors, but also to financially support the musicians and the economy of our country.  32JazzClub is a well-known jazz club in the capital of Ukraine. It was established as a result of a creative collaboration between two galleries, Kyiv Vozdvizhenka Arts House and Lviv`s Dzyga, led by their founders Markiyan Ivashchyshyn and Viktor Savkiv.  The club was officially launched on December 1, 2017, hosting the first concert of the 17th International JazzBez Festiva in Kyiv. We strive to preserve Ukrainian jazz culture and remain a unique cultural place on the map of Kyiv.   

Let’s support the music of free people in a free and independent Ukraine! 

About the artist 

Jenny Svenberg Bunnel (born 1973) is a multi award-winning illustrator and artist based in Stockholm. Besides her work with illustrations for Swedish television, newspapers and books, she has documented the jazz scene for many years by drawing musicians during live concerts. By now she has portrayed more than 1000 jazz musicians both in Sweden and abroad. She has had several exhibitions and published two books with the jazz drawings.

“Contemporary jazz is vital for the ongoing conversation that keeps democracy alive. It’s important for me to continue to draw all the fantastic musicians that develop and keep the conversation alive”, she says. “The painting ”Peace” is a colourful abstract landscape. It represents my wish for a calmer world”. In 2018 Jenny Svenberg Bunnel received the Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism.

About the auction

The auction takes place on Semente’s website between 8 February at 12.00 am and 8 March at 11.00 pm.

Our goal is to collect as much money as possible, therefore the painting will go to the highest bid.

Bids are placed by emailing to Please note that all bids are

binding. The bids are published anonymously on Semente’s website on an ongoing basis,  with the time of the last email received along with the offer amount. 

Auction for Ukraine: About Us
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