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Focus on the Italian Jazz scene under the Stockholm Jazz Festival 2021 
(two days - 15th and 22nd October - and two venues - Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and Stallet Världens Musik), which aims to bring to Stockholm both renowned and rising Italian jazz artists.
An open window on one of last year's most active jazz scenes in Europe .

15th October 2021 - Kulturhuset Stadsteater


Rita Marcotulli - Bobo Stenson

Daughter of a sound engineer who collaborated with artists such as Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone and Arthur Rubinstein among others, Rita Marcotulli is a renowned Italian pianist and composer who lived in Sweden for a while, collaborating with many northern European musicians. Respected for her unique style of playing and ability to improvise, her source of inspiration is vast, and also includes influences from Brazilian, African and Indian music. Rita was elected in 2019 as a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

Bobo Stenson has toured with Palle Danielsson and Rune Carlsson and played with guest soloists such as Benny Bailey and Dexter Gordon. In 1970, together with Bengt Berger and Palle Danielsson, he founded the group Rena Rama, which played music inspired by Africa, India and the Balkans, and Lennart Åberg was also part of the group. Bobo Stenson Trio today consists of Anders Jormin (bass) and Jon Fält (drums). Stenson was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Music in 2005 and was awarded the medal Litteris et Artibus in 2006.

22nd October 2021 - Stallet Världens Musik

NUOVA GENERAZIONE JAZZ - Italian Jazz Showcase

Michelangelo Scandroglio Group

Matteo Bortone Trio

Nuova Generazione Jazz is a project organized and promoted by I-Jazz Association, the Italian Jazz Festival Association, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and in collaboration with the Associations of Italian Jazz Musicians (MIdJ) and Independent Italian Jazz Labels (ADEIDJ). This project was born in 2018 with the main objective of communicating, sharing and promoting the new Italian jazz scene in Italy and in the rest of the world. Since then, some of the bands and musicians selected played in Toronto, London, Reykjavik, Prague, Oslo, Budapest, Zurich, Cerkno, Porto and in many prestigious Italian festivals.

Michelangelo Scandroglio Group 

Bassist Michelangelo Scandroglio is one of the most promising young talents in Italian jazz. His 2020 debut album as a leader, 'In The Eyes of the Whale,' features a lineup of international rising stars. All seven originals combine layered melodies, intersecting and merging into each other – thus bringing an ever-changing discourse to the listener.

Matteo Bortone Trio  

Exciting grooves, sharp contrasts, edgy songs, extended and sophisticated tunes as well as short compositions give continuous rise of new sounds in this trio led by bassist Matteo Bortone. The band members rather focus on the timbres and the collective interplay than on their soloistic inspirations.

Italia in Jazz: Service
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