Promoting Women's Instrumentalists, Band Leaders and Composers within Jazz and Improvised Music

3th edition in 2021: 4-6 march

Stockholm gets a "boost" of new jazz music with a focus on strengthening jazz music by presenting high-quality, award-winning international and Swedish composers / instrumentalists / band leaders who doesn't identify themselves as men.

Program in 2019:

Cecilia Sanchetti trio (IT) drums

Hildegunn Øiseth quartet (NO) trumpet/horn
Lina Nyberg quintet (SV) voice
with Silke Eberhard (GER) sax

Program in 2020:

Emie R Roussel trio (CA) piano
exchange with the Splendor (SV) sax to Rimouski International Jazzfestival

Marilyn Mazur trio (DK) slagverk
Malin Wättring 4 (SV) sax
with Lisbeth Diers (DK) slagverk


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