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A new on site performance created by Nils Berg Cinemascope in collaboration with Regione Basilicata (Italy) and Parco della Murgia Materana

After the experience of "Matera Dreaming" to celebrate Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, the Basilicata Region, a small region in the south of Italy, called back Nils Berg to create another oneiric journey throughout , this time, its 5 National and Regional Natural parks. 
In June 2021, Nils and his photoghraphy director Donovan Von Martnes, travelled for 10 days all over Basilicata, meeting people and discovering enchanted and remotes places, where still humans and Nature have a strong bond.
The result is a more than 24 hours of video and sounds recording, from which Nils took inspiration to create and compose a first part of what it will be a wider artistic work.
This first artcraft come out from the art of "cut and sewing" images, sounds and composing, has been presented in a very premiere live tour of 5 concerts in November 2021, one in each of the 5 parks who gave Nils and Donovan so much precious material to work with.
The important event has been covered by regional and national media as well as specilized jazz music magazines.

NaturArte Dreaming, a journey into Basilicata's natural parks: About Us
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