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Semente Cultural Productions and Fasching joined their forces in order to open a bridge between Stockholm and Kyiv in the name of Jazz and Art.

We are glad to announce you that Fasching Jazz Club in Stockholm made the final bid of € 1000 to support 32JazzClub / Old Fashioned Bar in Kyiv. The beautiful painting found its home in the perfect place, the temple of Jazz in Stockholm whose walls are used to host photo and art exhibitions.

We couldn't wish a better end for this auction!

Semente Cultural Productions commissioned the artist Jenny Svenberg Bunnel a painting to be pictured on this year’s Stockholm Women’s International Jazz Festival official poster. An original piece of art, a painting on wood, 125cm x 125cm, entitled “Peace”, that we decided to put to auction, in order to collect money in support  a small and virtuose Jazz Club in the heart of Kyiv, 32Jazz Club, that has always been open since the beginning of the war, in order to give both local artists and audience the opportunity to keep alive the cultural life in the capital of Ukraine.

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5th year jubileum edition dedicated to UKRAINE

After 5 years, the Stockholm Women's International Jazz Festival 2023 edition wants to celebrate an important first cycle of its life and it will do it in several different ways. First of all, we will celebrate the female jazz bandleaders and composers on the International Women’s Day, and, for the first time in the Festival's history, we will focus on one single country: Ukraine.
Semente Cultural Productions decided to make a statement, and support not only the ones who are generally under-represented on stages, but now more than ever, those whose voices are silenced and whose culture is threatened (#womenforpeace). In collaboration with the Ukrainian Institute and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Sweden, we selected 3 Ukrainian bands, led by women and playing for the first time in Stockholm.


Swedish Jazz dialogues with International World music

DUETS is a new concert series at Stallet Världens Musik Theatre - Stockholm, during autumn and winter 2022/2023. Once a month, we will present a unique live music  experience where an international world/folk artist plays with an established Swedish jazz instrumentalist and composer. The basis of these concerts is to present to a curious audience artists who compose new music and play unusual instruments from different countries, on stage with a well-known Swedish musician who is established in the jazz world. The idea is to let the artists have a dialogue between their original repertoires and throughout the voices of their instruments, giving space to the improvisation as well.

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