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Swedish Jazz dialogues with International World music

DUETS is a new concert series at  Stallet Världens Musik Theatre during autumn and winter 2022/2023. Once a month, we will present a unique live music  experience where an international world/folk artist plays with an established Swedish jazz instrumentalist and composer. The basis of these concerts is to present to a curious audience artists who compose new music and play unusual instruments from different countries, on stage with a well-known Swedish musician who is established in the jazz world. The idea is to let the artists have a dialogue between their original repertoires and throughout the voices of their instruments, giving space to the improvisation as well.

The concert series is in partnership with WOMEX, the biggest Music Fair in the world,  since some of the international artists have been showcased by the biggest international music fair.

Celebrated international and Swedish instrumentalists with beautiful compositions interpreted in jazz and folk language. Jazz is becoming more and more open to the influences of other genres and different types of music. Folk/world  music is one of the more suitable for the contamination of sound and instrument technology. Therefore, audiences of these genres become closer and closer. We believe that offering both folk and jazz audience lovers the chance to reach each other's world is perfect in these times, where cultural life is so hungry for new experiences and in desperate need of re-discover the beauty of differences.


Thursday, 8 December 22

Nadin Al Khalidi (Iraq/Egypt - voice, Algerian Mandole)


Andreas Hourdakis (Sweden, jazz guitar) 

Thursday, 26 January 23

Rachele Andrioli (Italy - voice, percussions, electronics)


Nils Berg (Sweden, flute, saxophone) 

Thursday,  23 February 23

Georgiy Matviyiv (Ukraine - bandura) &

Peter Danemo (Sweden, drums, percussions) 

Thursday, 30 March 23

Julie Campiche (Switzerland - harp, electronics)


Andres Jormin (Sweden, double bass)

Wednesday,  26 April 23

Martha Mavroidi (Greece - voice, lute)


Daniel Karlsson (Sweden, piano)

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Duets - Swedish Jazz dialogues with International World  2022-2023

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